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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
21st-Jan-2004 11:25 am
black titan
So last night I told my dad I'd upload two audio cd tracks for him so he wouldn't have to overnight the CD. After applying maximal lossless compression with bzip2 -9 I tried to scp it over. To copy the short (42 MB compressed) track would've taken 4-5 hours (I was getting crap for transfer rate on my 56k modem for some reason) and CU boots me off after three. "No problem," I said. "I'll just upload it at work."

On any Macintosh, going back to at least system 7, if you want to copy CD audio to your hard drive, you double click on the CD icon and drag the tracks to your hard drive. It takes a few minutes to copy the large files, but there they are. It just works.

On Windows, if you double click on the CD icon and drag the tracks to your hard drive, you get shortcuts to the tracks. Why on earth anyone would drag a file from a CD to their hard drive and not want to use it after they eject the disk I don't know. After a little web research, it looks like there are several programs which will copy audio cd to .wav files. I tried installing one and was told I didn't have the permissions to modify the system information. (I don't want to modify the system information. I just want to open the device, read it, and save the output.)

Attempts on my linux workstation failed for other reasons. Both cdparanoia and cdda2wav can't seem to handle the cdrom device, which it seems is neither cooked nor generic. So after over half an hour of struggle, I've decided to take it to school, where there are Macs and high bandwidth. I know those just work.
21st-Jan-2004 07:17 pm (UTC) - bzip2? why not flac?
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