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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Snow Bridge 
28th-Jan-2004 12:31 pm
asia face of the earth relief
Idea for a story:

The original humans on South America arrived on boats from Pacific islands. During the Ice Age, as Siberians crossed the Bering Strait to North America, the south polar ice cap was also engorged. Following game, some hardy South Americans crossed the Straits of Magellan onto the Antarctic Peninsula during the summers. But one year the ice bridge was sundered in twain, stranding a small tribe. Living on a diet of penguins killed by rocks the tribe slowly dwindled in numbers, eventually disappearing in a puff of snow, unknown to the rest of the world. Until one day a planefull of climatologists on an expotition came upon the archaelogical find of the decade.
28th-Jan-2004 09:17 pm (UTC)
Sounds good so far.
29th-Jan-2004 01:22 am (UTC)
And the head archaeologist is played by Jeff Goldblum, and there is of course the devastatingly intelligent female archaeologist played by Gillian Anderson. There is a one-way attraction, Jeff's character has a big old crush on Gillian but she isn't interested- she is too tied up in her work.

The plane they were in crashed at the site, and so that is also smashed all to hell and so they can't fly out or use the radios, everything was destroyed. All the other archaeologists except our Main Two were killed in the crash.

So, they stumble upon this amazing snow-covered site, and find these frozen people.

But one of them is still alive, frozen, but when they excavate him, he thaws and wakes up.

And they discover that he can telepathically communicate with them.

And he tells them that his people were in the process of inventing an inexhaustible energy source powered by snow. And that they had almost finished it. He wants to show them his technology because he is quickly dying from the thaw and he needs the machines to heal himself.

And he takes them to the snow-covered entrance of their science laboratory, and they try to call in other scientists, but their phones can't send signals, they are out of service range. (there could be an amusing scene here with the bars of the phone and Gillian getting all frustrated and screaming "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? GOOD!" at Jeff while he tries to make the phone work. It would be a good tension breaker.)

So they get inside the laboratory, and the guy puts himself into some kind of pod, and a few minutes later he re-emerges all healed up, but also (of course) looking a lot hotter and without all the frostbite and beard and matted gross hair and stuff, we realize that it is actually Matt Damon. He has also synthesized himself some clothes based on what Gillian and Jeff are wearing, so now Gillian starts noticing this guy and becomes very interested in what he has to say. Er, project.

He takes her hand and leads her to a little chair and sets her down and places a metal circlet around her forehead. He tells her that he is going to acquire her language so that they can speak more easily, because telepathy is very tiring. He places a circlet on his head, and the camera fades into a montage of them sharing a bunch of memories and things, and she sees the whole trek onto the ice and the bridge breaking and them living off of penguins and developing their technology, and there's this weird character hovering at the edge of all the memories, someone whose face is always obscured but who seems to always be guiding the people in the right direction, giving them technology and all this.

He in turn sees a whole lot of little shots of a girl on a swing, in school, studying bones at college, etc. etc. etc.

So Jeff comes in and thinks that he is trying to kill her because all he sees is her looking kind of upset and confused and plugged into a machine, so he runs over and goes to yank the circlet off of her head, as Matt screams in English that he now has acquired, "No! Don't take it off!" Jeff gets startled by the caveman speaking English all of a sudden, and stares at Matt lookin' all suave and clean-shaven.

Matt turns off the machine, and explains to both of them that all this technology was not created by the people alone. Gillian nods, and asks about the mysterious benefactor... Matt confirms that this ever-present figure was their salvation and provided them with the tools that they needed, and that they worshipped this entity and built a temple for it where it stayed and answered questions, acting as guardian, ruler and information provider to their tribe, even as their numbers dwindled.

But one day, Matt tells them, their ruler was gone- disappeared in the night, and nobody knew what had happened.


I'm not sure what happens after that.
29th-Jan-2004 06:21 am (UTC)
I think the tribe would not have had much in terms of permanent structures... possibly igloos?

Oh, and I like the phrase "sundered in twain" ;)
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