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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Deadline Performance! 
30th-Jan-2004 07:12 pm
asia face of the earth relief
Today was my last day at UNAVCO. I've still got a bit of work to do on the JavaScript for SiteViewer, but it's up and running. I'll comment more about it later.

As usual, my performance picked up this week due in part to a deadline. Since I report to my new job at 8am on Monday, I realized I needed to reform my "get out of bed at 9:30" student ways. On Monday I set my alarm for 8 (1 hour earlier than usual) and got out from the blanket quicker than usual. Due to improperly reading the bus schedule and a two-minute-slow watch I missed the 205 by 30 seconds and so caught one the other direction to buy some snacks at Safeway. I somehow missed the next bus and then ended up on the version which doesn't stop right in front of my work. So I left 1.5 hours earlier, but only arrived 10 minutes earlier than usual (10:30).

On Tuesday I read the bus schedule correctly, set the alarm for 7:30, and got to work at 8:30. Same deal on Wednesday. Thursday I woke up at 7, got to work at 8. Today I woke at 7 but got here at 8:30 (but I'm leaving at 7:30!)

So deadlines helped, but so did being energized from being up earlier. And I think two extra hours of work per day probably helped too. :-)
31st-Jan-2004 06:27 am (UTC)
Energized from being up earlier? You're a sick bastard.
31st-Jan-2004 08:21 am (UTC) - Re:
I find that when I get up early I'm full of energy most of the day, and I get more done than would be accounted for by the extra time I'm awake during business hours. However, if I spend week getting up early and staying up late (RA training is one good example), my cognitive skills start to suffer noticibly.

I love getting up at or before dawn. I also love getting up at 10 or 11. It's the intervening hours that I dislike. And since it's easier to stay up than get up, I've tended to the latter in the last six years.
31st-Jan-2004 09:50 am (UTC) - Re:
easier to stay up than get up

This would be why I get up at 1 and go to sleep at 3 or 4.
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