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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
7th-Feb-2004 08:18 pm
dogcow moof!
If you applied the haggis principle to a slightly different animal, would it be goatmeal?

Eris sewed the seeds of discord. She is Miss Understanding.

In the summer when poorly planned cities flood, the evening news shows cars and houses floating downstream. The unfortunate cannot escape the waters and climb on to their roofs, garage sailing.

I'm constantly bemused by the BBC reports on the current Iranian election crisis. Dozens of sitting members are prevented from standing.

In other news, I drove about 320 miles last week, almost exclusively between home and work. Excepting my trip to and from Colorado Springs last November with my ACM team mates I'm not sure I'd previously clocked 320 miles without my parents in the car. It was also my first extensive snow driving experience. I spent a couple days driving via Indiana because I thought 93 might be dangerous, given all its curves. And while Indiana essentially intersects McCaslin, which takes off from 36, and Indiana also intersects Colfax two blocks from my office, a journey which includes both ends involves quite a bit of movement orthogonal to a direct path. So much for my nerdy hopes of a nice minimal route. Mapquest suggests 36-Wadsworth-I70, but for the two minutes extra 93 takes, I'll avoid the Interstate. Thanks.

The job itself is working out pretty well, once the commute time is ignored. At the end of the week I was able to demonstrate decent results for automatically detecting fields in OCR'd forms. The development environment is minimally frustrating, which is a big plus, and the work environment is pretty casual, though the office is still a bit spartan. Eagle's only had the office for two weeks, so everybody's saying "This is awesome! We have real tables! And we just got some new mouse pads!"

A friend of my dad told us about a pretty keen car deal he saw in Longmont a couple days ago. We paid a visit today, but the car seemed to be sold, and pretty much everything else they had looked like it was at standard market value. The salesman was pretty nice, and my dad was glad we got the "What will it take for me to get you in a car today?" line. We would've been disappointed without it. The best deals, of course, are usually with private sellers. They get more than they'd get at a dealer, the buyer pays less than they would at a dealer, and there's no smarminess and calculated profit maximization. Of course, the L5R geek in me would be tickled to buy an Oni no Subaru at Kuni Lexus.

This week's classifieds are a bit lean on rentals in Golden, where everyone who knows me says I should live, but hopefully there'll be more as March approaches. Maybe I'll make some calls tomorrow. Golden's got a little funk and soul that's completely absent from, say, Highlands Ranch. As a lifelong Boulderite, a place where weird things happen is important to me. I fear faceless suburbia. Plus, Golden's right next to both work and mountain hikes and bike trails. But even with a little funk, most of the listings forbid pets, and I'd like to get a cat.
8th-Feb-2004 05:49 am (UTC)
Hail Eris. Ewige blumenkraft.
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