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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
interdependence inventing obscure interests 
3rd-Apr-2004 03:23 pm
inner maiden animated no words
I'm not a lemming very often, so you know this meme must be interesting. This comes to me from vvvexation

The game: remove some commas from your interests and see what your hidden interests are. Some of my best are:

challenging strongly-held beliefs change
gathering the magick geeks
left brain low-tech solutions
mathnet metaphor mind opening
nonverbal ritual on the edge
over the edge paganism
perl philosophy
programming progressive politics
right brain ritual
silent film spam
states of consciousness subverting the dominant paradigm
swashbuckling taoism
the simpsons theory
unix user interfaces
wordplay zen
zen zippy the pinhead
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