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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Sad to Miss It 
5th-Apr-2004 10:53 pm
asia face of the earth relief
Perhaps what I miss most about my life as a student is the ability to skip almost every class for a week and attend the Conference on World Affairs. There are so many reasons to love the conference. It brings together scores of interesting people on panels ranging from politics to art to technology to music to world affairs to storytelling to living life. Panels have no set agenda; the only information provided is the (often evocative) titles and the speaker bios. Both experts and outside observers share their thoughts on subjects. Audience members become part of the discussion (though attendees of some of the political panels might feel this is a negative point). Roger Ebert and a concert hall full of interesting people watch and analyze a movie a shot at a time throughout the whole week. It's all free. But what I love the most about the CWA is that it's all together. I think I attended 30 CWA events last April and made it to just one class and a couple meetings. And on the off chance that I have more than 10 minutes to get from one panel to the next, I could get a lunch to go and sit under the new tree leaves in the once-again warm weather.

I therefore encourage anyone who's able to be in Boulder this week to spend as much time as possible at the Conference on World Affairs. Skip class! Take time off work! See something interesting during lunch! I'll be at the Jazz concert tonight (Tuesday) at 8pm at Macky if you've been going through Jesus sighting withdrawal or just want to say "hi."
6th-Apr-2004 05:30 pm (UTC)
I went to several panels today which were interesting. My favorite one had Jean Houston sitting on it. She rocks my socks.

Among other things, she made the assertion that in many myths about enemies, the enemy is symbolic of the Shadow. After WWI, she said, we transfered our ideas of our own social shadow onto Germany, then onto Japan during WWII, then onto the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. As each one of those "evils" fell, we, as a society, needed to project our Shadow on something else. Now, she says, we've elected an expression of the our shadow in George Bush as a way to acknowledge and deal with it. She thinks it is a good thing because it is inspiring more passion and awareness in people and ultimately an incorporation of the Shadow into our society.

... it is an interesting way of looking at things.

I want to go to the Jazz concert tonight, but I made other plans before I looked at the CWA stuff. I hope you have a fun time!
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