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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Your malls are safe 
1st-Nov-2001 12:12 am
Trevor baby stare
Well, I don't think any shopping malls got blown up yesterday. (Especially not Crossroads!) That people actually avoided shopping malls yesterday demonstrates the public's profound lack of understanding of terrorists.

Real Terrorists: don't announce their activities until after the fact.

Check out the IRA and the PLO. They never say "We will plant a car bomb next Thursday." They say "We planted that car bomb last thursday." Look at the military. They annouce their targets after they hit or miss them. Professors post answers after the test, not before. However, lots of people make bomb (or anthrax) threats. When was the last bomb threat that uncovered a bomb? Harris and Klebold are exceptions... they made their plans somewhat public, but they didn't call the school or anything.

If somebody tells you there will be a bomb in a building, go to that building. If you assume a building is safe, stay on your toes.
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