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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Quality Video Stores? 
1st-Jun-2004 10:40 pm
requiem for a dream eye
Greetings, everyone. I'm a Boulder transplant, so I grew up with The Video Station, the most awesome place to rent movies for a thousand miles at least. Now I live in Golden and I'd like to find a place that won't look at me funny if I mention D. W. Griffiths or (if I'm lucky) Yasujiro Ozu.

Westword gave The Bohemian Bean a rave review, but it's almost as far as The Video Station, and sixty miles (30 round trip for pickup and dropoff) seems a bit of a silly drive for a movie. Are there any stores I should check out in the west metro area? I'd like to avoid Blockbuster's ploy to get me to watch the same hit movies as everyone else.

Be seeing you.

Edit: Oops. This was supposed to go to denver. In response to the two lovely folks who've commented so far, I dislike Netflix for a few reasons. First, at my recent cinematic rate, buying used DVDs might be more cost-effective than a regular Netflix subscription. Second, and more fundamentally, I like to choose exactly what movie I want to watch. Despite the glorious selection of NetFlix, you can't use it to plan a movie night. You can't say "Hey, let's have a Versions of Dracula night next Friday!" or "Hey, wanna come to my Tuesday Hitchcock night?" So while it's a cool way to go through the classics or check out some recommendations, it's a far cry from a replacement for a good video store or library. (Hmm. I wonder what kind of movie selection the Denver Public Library has...)
2nd-Jun-2004 02:53 pm (UTC)
Netflix is your friend.....
seriously, its the best place to get avant guarde and independent movies aside from Video Station. We also have a realy nice rental store down the street from us - Theater Video. Rental prices are good and they really try to please because they are a small independent. I am not sure what they have in the way of off-the-main-drag sorta movies - they supplement our Netflix rather nicely when we need them to.
2nd-Jun-2004 06:28 pm (UTC)
There used to be a place behind Old C's on Youngfield and 32nd, but I don't know if it is there anymore. It was locally owned and I think had at least some different kinds of movies.

I am a Netflix convert too, though. No late fees, they have lots of random TV shows and a whole slew of indie, foreign type stuff for $20 a month. I do it instead of cable. (and if you have a dvd burner... well... you can see where i'm going with that... )

I have, however, heard good things about the Bohemian Bean in terms of live music. It might be something cool to check out sometime. Also, the person who does PR for them has a LiveJournal, so it must be cool.

2nd-Jun-2004 11:26 pm (UTC)
The Denver Public Library main branch has a fantastic selection, and inter-library loan makes it darn near unbeatable.

My two cents.

~ Tanith
8th-Jun-2004 03:15 am (UTC)
S.O.N.S.(You know it, you just might have to think about it for a second...), I knew you had to be the first to hear it - it has been cracking me up since it whistled into my head about 10 minutes ago.

Youth Hostel Takeover.

8th-Jun-2004 04:43 am (UTC)
Silly Obscure Non Sequitur?

It could even be Sonic Youth Hostel Takeover. I love it.

8th-Jun-2004 05:39 am (UTC)
Super Sonic Youth Hostel Takeover.
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