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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Hittin' The Last Road 
11th-Jun-2004 07:29 am
tell tale heart
[Ray Charles] Famous people tend to die in threes. I'm not sure what today's standing in peace and democracy is, but with Ray Charles's death it is a sad day in music.

Like so many great black musicians, Ray's life was marked by personal tragedy, yet his gift to the world was full of beauty. He was a father to soul and rock & roll and took R&B, blues, and jazz in wonderful new directions. When I listen to Ray Charles sing I hear clear emotion from absolute exuberance and fun to absolute sorrow and heartbreak.

RIP Ray Charles, September 23, 1930 ~ June 10, 2004.
12th-Jun-2004 03:56 pm (UTC) - Re: Tear
"Georgia" will never be the same. I had the honor of meeting the man himself, and doing his monitor mix. One of the nicest performers I ever met.

miss you Ray!
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