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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
13th-Jul-2004 12:14 am
asia face of the earth relief
Wow. Four posts in one night! It's like I'm sleeping somewhere with Internet. Oh yeah, this is my apartment.

iTunes this evening decided to give me two copies of Son of a Preacher Man, two tracks from my Cambodian Rocks compilation, and both NIN - Closer and Weird Al - Germs. How I've missed my (i) life. The five gigs on my laptop cramps my 90GB style.

And my track recommendations for the week are Sage Francis - Narcissist., The Rolling Stones - Monkey Man, and Oysterhead - Wield the Spade.

And unrelated, but worth sharing, August will be my month for travel, travel, and travel. I'll be in Riverside, CA for work for a few days at the beginning of the month. Then the 11th-15th is Dragonfest. And then I'll be at Burning Man from about the 28th through Labor Day. I'm practicing my travel skills this month; Tamara and I spent Independence Day at my cabin near Estes Park and last weekend at Valley View Hot Springs (and I got 35 mpg on 285!). Next weekend is the company retreat at Flaming Gorge in Utah. Fortunately Matt Sturtz has the sense to get married at Chautauqua Park, so I'll get a reprise from the road.

Speaking of fun things to do, the Charles Sawtelle GNU Mountain Jam featuring Richard Greene will be in Gold Hill this Sunday. And the Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival is at Unity Church in Boulder with evening concerts on Thursday through Saturday and a tea dance (I believe) on Sunday.
13th-Jul-2004 04:24 pm (UTC)
Too bad it wasn't Wierd Al, "Germs" with NIN, "Terrible Lie"
20th-Jul-2004 03:57 am (UTC)
Hi Trevor,

Wyn here. I just added you to my friends list :-D.

Tell Tamara hi for me!


P.S. Thanks for the info on Valley View.
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