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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Personal Insight 
4th-Nov-2001 02:03 am
Trevor baby stare
What I do is, for the most part, more important to me than whith whom I do it. I have trouble understanding people's need to watch movies with other peopleor eat with others. I understand the desire for conversation related to these activities, but I see people meet for a film and then leave after, without talking about it.

I think this is why I have few deep friends, but a whole host of friends I talk to when when we encounter each other. When I feel like gaming, I implement that desire. I rarely contact someone and say "We should do something... let's game." It's much easier to go on a bike ride or a hike on the spur of the moment than to try to coordinate several people's schedules.

This is, I think, also why I have a very small romantic history. A relationship invoves self-consciously spending time with another person for the sake of that person, rather than the activity. I think I would feel uncomfortable in a relationship where there wasn't mutual geekery of various sorts. And since I tend to do things on my own, not needing company to do things like eat, watch films, think about philosophy, or explore the world, I don't have an impulse to ask girls out. Especially since a lot of that is done in random slots of time that I have some trouble anticipating.

I already knew I am task oriented, rather than a people person. But the phrase "What I do is more important than who I do it with" seems to make things clear. Yay personal aphorisms.
4th-Nov-2001 05:44 pm (UTC)
As a proud member of said 'romantic history', I have to say I think that our relationship was largely based on mutual intellectual admiration followed by a sufficiently heart-rate enhancing attraction. As far as I'm concerned, these two factors alone create the ideal situation for a good relationship-- if you respect AND desire the person in question, then you will automatically want both to spend time with the person and be able to find things to do together. (Even if it evolves out of statements like "Uh, I heard they're projecting 'Annie Hall' onto the back of BMOCA, if you're interested...We could...go get Chinese food beforehand or something." Some of the best Saturday nights of my life. *grin*)
*Emi lapses for a while into reminiscences of free pizza and the hamster wheel park and 'Citizen Kane' (the rained-out edition)*
4th-Nov-2001 07:21 pm (UTC)
Entirely true. You are one of the few people that fit in the "who is more important than what" category. Spending two hours at Denny's wasn't at all important in itself.

*Yay Saturday nights spent in monuments that no longer exist!*
4th-Nov-2001 11:48 pm (UTC)
wait, what do you mean 'that no longer exist'? Are you trying to tell me that the hamster park is no more? Say it ain't so, Trev! I couldn't take that kind of heartbreak! Where on earth will you and I go late at night to sit and chat?!
Oh NO!

*pleasant sigh* returned.
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