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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
7th-Sep-2004 07:11 pm
asia face of the earth relief
I got back into town yesterday, 20 hours after leaving Black Rock City. I drove the ten hour (plus one bumming around Salt Lake City in the wee hours) overnight stint from western Nevada to western Wyoming, so I'm understandably a bit tired.

Burning Man was quite interesting. I saw lots of cool shit and there was lots of cool shit I didn't see. In some ways I felt at home; in other ways I just couldn't connect. I am now incapable of digesting anything that isn't covered in Playa Dust and have some radical washing to do after a week of radical self-expression and radical self-survival.

I've got a cool "what is Burning Man" post in the back of my head that I'll post once I can get online at home. (The Internet decided it was mad at me for abandoning it for a week, so it wasn't returning my calls.)
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