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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Philosophers Match 
9th-Nov-2001 01:01 am
Trevor baby stare
So, according to some site, my match-ups with various ethical theorists are as follows. Don't use it as an actual indicator of my ethical positions. While the methodology was interesting (weighted importance), the selections left quite a bit to be desired. For instance, many philosophers on the list can't be very well categorized in the various fields, and so may not have a 100% match with themselves, even. My high similarity with Noddings, for instance, is probably because I said "Dislike all other choices" several times. I've just thought of a rule.

Trevor's Rule:
The accuracy of ethical claims and the number of words necessary to state them are positively correlated.

Thus, almost every statement on the survey required qualification before I would agree with it. For instance... "Would it be ideal to maximize pleasure for all people even at the cost of liberty for some?" Answer: "Yes, DEPENDING on what liberties and what pleasures. AND that probably wouldn't maximize pleasure." I think I'll stick to reading ethical theories and determining my correlation after (or more frequently durring) the fact.

Also, I disagree with their claim that you may want to read more by the ethicist you're closest to. You already think that way. Read up on the philosopher you agree the least with and find out why.

1.Ê Noddings ÊÊ(100%)
2.Ê Sartre ÊÊ(94%)
3.Ê Mill ÊÊ(93%)
4.Ê Bentham ÊÊ(88%)
5.Ê Aquinas ÊÊ(82%)
6.Ê Epicureans ÊÊ(80%)
7.Ê Rand ÊÊ(70%)
8.Ê Augustine ÊÊ(69%)
9.Ê Kant ÊÊ(66%)
10.Ê Prescriptivism ÊÊ(66%)
11.Ê Aristotle ÊÊ(48%)
12.Ê Hobbes ÊÊ(47%)
13.Ê Ockham ÊÊ(46%)
14.Ê Spinoza ÊÊ(46%)
15.Ê Nietzsche ÊÊ(42%)
16.Ê Plato ÊÊ(35%)
17.Ê Cynics ÊÊ(34%)
18.Ê Stoics ÊÊ(23%)
19.Ê Hume ÊÊ(20%)

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