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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Denver Folks: Good Friday Jesus Ritual 
15th-Mar-2005 12:43 am
big animated moon cycle
Join us on Good Friday (March 25th) for an Open Full Moon about Jesus. We will share the story of the world's most popular rebirth myth. We will present some of Christ's teachings and why they're meaningful to pagans and polytheists. We will explore themes from love and peace to holy spirit and eternal life to foregiveness and redemption. We hope to walk away with a better understanding of a teacher, healer, and god figure.

Many people in the Pagan community have negative experiences connected with Christianity, and for justifiable reasons. But if we dismiss the religion wholescale, we miss the opportunity to benefit from its insights. The Open Full Moon is a place to present different traditions and different ways of experiencing ritual, community, and spirituality. As an eclectic group, our doors and minds are open to traditions and inspirations from around the world, and this incarnation will be no different.

This ritual, while focused on Jesus Christ, will be presented in a way quite accessible to those used to Wiccan and Neopagan rituals. For what is essentially different between communion and cakes & wine? Between a prayer to Zeus and a prayer to JHVH? Between Easter and Ostara?

I encourage everyone to attend this ritual, even those who have had strong negative connotations with Jesus. The ritual will be educational rather than evangelical in nature. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with any part of the ritual may elect not to participate and may still receive the love of Jesus. Invite your friends, whether they don't know Christianity, grew up Christian, or are Christian today. For in my Father's kingdom there are many rooms, and in the UU church basement there are many chairs.

Open Full Moon happens on the Friday before or Friday of each full moon at 7:30 at the Unitarian Church at E. 14th Ave and Lafayette St. in Denver. This month month that falls on March 25th, Good Friday and a full moon. What better opportunity to dress like Jesus?

15th-Mar-2005 02:51 pm (UTC) - Jesus H. Christ on a Unicycle!
15th-Mar-2005 04:34 pm (UTC)
Wow, what a cool icon!
15th-Mar-2005 04:41 pm (UTC)
Hello. I'm wondering if I could ask you a few things about this from the perspective of a journalist. Can you email me? erin@heavyglow.com

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