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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Spam Taxonomy 
20th-Jul-2005 09:31 pm
spam lite
So we're all familiar with spam that tries to succeed with a scattershot approach. Ch33p \/1agra && & r0lex !!@!!!!!! and the like. But then there's the spam which took some effort, but still has no chance of success.

For at least the second time, I got a message with subject Re:Stone Enquiries and opening
Dear Import Department Manager,

We obtained your information from internet and now write to introduce ourselves.We are one of the largest manufacture and exporter in the stone related produts,from china.

Now, if you were an exporter of a product, would you try to drum up business partners (a) by having a robot Google the common single word version of the product you sell and send an anonymous e-mail message OR (b) spend a few hours doing smarter Google searches (like, say, "stone distributor" or "stone retailer"), get a name from a contact page, and send a message with a human name in the salutation?

I suppose if my last name was Smith I might get spam trying to sell me bulk iron.

Included were eight attachments like CATALOGUE_3.jpg -- I didn't view them because I'm using mutt for my email. I find that having to go through significant effort to view an attachment is actually a feature.
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