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Trevor Stone's Journal
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While AppleScript's syntax is quite like English,… 
26th-Oct-2005 12:32 am
dogcow moof!
While AppleScript's syntax is quite like English, NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError is not a sensible error message for "You can't declare lines as a variable, but allQuotes is just fine." Coloring the word lines a different color than all the other variables is also not a good indication of the problem.

I want that hour and a half back.
26th-Oct-2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
Bitten by a keyword?

I get immensely frustrated with software that spews out unintelligable error indications. This sounds like a case where someone was too lazy to code decent error handling, and just let an "invalid variable name" error percolate up to the generic OMGWTF error.

Software like that is what killed Kenny.
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