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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Second Order Verbs and Wannabes 
17th-Dec-2005 04:23 pm
mathnet - to cogitate and to solve
Harold Cooper, one of my brother's best friends, shared a concept on his website called "Higher Order Verbs." An English word's order is the largest of:
  • Zero if it is not a present tense verb.
  • One higher than its past tense if it is a present tense word.
  • The highest order of all words spelled or pronounced the same in American English.

For example, the order of "are" (and by extension "arr") is 3, because the past tense of "are" is "were," which is pronounced the same as "whir" whose past tense is "whirred" which is pronounced the same as "word" which has a past tense of "worded."

Although I could not think of any more third-order verbs, I came up with several second-order verbs which were not on Harold's list of second-, third-, and infinite-order verbs. Here they are:

whore --> whored = hoard --> hoarded (as in "he whored himself out to the corporation, which hoarded the money he brought in)
ban --> banned = band --> banded
breed --> bread --> breaded
low --> lowed = load --> loaded (cows do it)
foal --> foaled = fold --> folded (more livestock)
ray --> rayed = raid --> raided
recore --> recored = record --> recorded
gar --> garred = guard --> guarded
remine --> remined = remind --> reminded (which is the brother of mine --> mined = mind --> minded)
paw --> pawed = pod --> podded
law --> lawd = laud --> lauded


The core one he already has is joined with chord -> chorded

soar --> soared = sword --> sworded
It gets extra points because sore = soar and sordid = sworded. So while it's not a legitimate second order verb, but perhaps its order approaches 2 asymptotically.

Another wannabe is track --> tracked = tract --> tracted (if you can retract something than you ought to be able to tract it first...)
18th-Dec-2005 02:29 am (UTC)
Excessive verbification should be penalized.
18th-Dec-2005 03:43 am (UTC)
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