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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Daily Words 1/30/6: On Going Live 
11th-Feb-2006 12:05 pm
dogcow moof!
It's been crazy, but the Recorder's Office in Washington County, Utah, is now running with new software. They are not only the first site live with version 1.7 of EagleRecorder, but also the first site live with our property software -- significant portions of which were refactored two weeks ago.

There are bugs. Labels don't come out with receipts, but must be printed in the laborious fashion. There are bumps. An attempt to print the first document recorded (2006000002, not 2006000001) wound up with a legal document on a receipt slip. But perhaps that's a better tradition -- the people closely involved can carry it as a memento in their wallets. There are errors. Three times during the week we had to go through their work and fix mistakes caused by bugs, setup errors, and lack of training. There are features that aren't there. There are interactions that are counterintuitive. There are users doing things we didn't expect. But the software is live. It's being used every day. It's meeting needs and serving its function.

This has been a great group of people to work with. Many of our legacy clients are reluctant to move forward because our new software doesn't have all of the warts of our old. But in Utah we're replacing a 30-year-old system. When you're getting features like the ability to use the mouse, side-by-side images and data, and "double click a parcel on the map to open that account," it's hard to be nostalgic.
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