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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
struct project { float weight; float percentdone}; 
14th-Dec-2001 10:10 pm
black titan
I know myself well enough to plan in advance when I'll stay up all night working on something. The networks program that I was going to spend all weekend working on was very minimal as of Wednesday evening. As of 10am this morning about 66% of it worked, and I figured I'd turn it in 10 hours late, since my professor was probably about to start grading. I did include a nice README describing what worked and how I appreciated the programs in the class. In the last several years of computer science, I've done very few programs that I wrote 100% of. No supplied code (save a few examples). No determined structure. Despite not finishing, I felt proud of the quality of the code as I wrote it. I didn't even make any dumb errors that took more than 15 minutes to figure out. (Compare to Brendan who took three hours to discover he wasn't linking in the pthreads library.)

But I didn't finish the program.

I've never given up on a program. Partly because I usually get them to work by dawn, but I don't give up on a program. I want to finish this over winter break, or something. I've also never rationalized "Well, the program is 15% of our grade and I got it 2/3 working, so that's only 5% I'm missing, and I haven't missed more than 2%." this.pride.academic--;

And why didn't I spend the whole weekend working on it? Because I know best how our senior projects program works and I'm also the only person in the group capable of writing lucid sentences, so I felt it my duty to do an anal review of our design. We're all so sick of the BS and the waterfall method. Let us code, damnit! I may actually write some titan code over break.

So... 10am. A final at 1:30pm. I read the first part of my notes (Heidegger), read Before the Law, the Kafka parable that I felt comfortable answering an essay question about. I figured Wes would ask us to pick a philosopher and describe the man before the law in their terms. And Heidegger seemed to fit. Went to breakfast (it's amazing what an appetite you work up coding all night). Celebrated my hall director's 30th birthday with some cake. Almost fell asleep standing up in the office. Returned to read the rest of my notes. Popped on Rage Against the Machine on headphones so I'd stay awake as I slugged my English Breakfast Tea. Manage to fall asleep listening to Rage Against the Machine on headphones. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to tell myself to wake up in half an hour. Double plus fortunately that that circadian rhythm came at the 12 o'clock hour instad of at 2pm. Though there's something cool about taking a power nap during a final. I think I broke the left channel of my headphones when I woke up, though. Poop.

So of course Heidegger isn't on the list of philosophers to apply Before the Law to. I must choose one from each of {Sartre, de Bouvoir}, {Tillich, Buber}. Yet the Dragonfruit and tea managed to put me in the groove. I feel confident about 15 Quality Hours now.

I took a nap for an hour and a half before my first round of duty. I woke up and it was dark. Whoa, eerie. Furthermore, it was quiet. I didn't know my residents could even breathe that quietly, let alone play CounterStrike. The entire Quad is as quiet as Reed. We're talking 6-PIN-DROP here.

Here's to sleep, getting it during finals, and being well rested for revelry tomorrow.
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