January 14th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Jah New Airy

Yeah, I haven't updated since GNU Years. When I had time I didn't have much internet access. When I had access, I was k-busy. But that shall be rectified, for you shall now finally learn what I've done in the first two weeks of January! You may now rest easy, comforted in the knowledge that I didn't fly to Buffalo and get stuck.

My brother's friends came over for New Years Eve, bringing with them The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and
Neverwhere. The former was... rather less zany than I'd thought it would be. I enjoyed it, but was kind of let down. Apperantly, the DVD has a bunch of cut stuff, which might help the movie make more sense. Neverwhere didn't get watched, I ended up curling up with Gödel, Escher, Bach, and drank some cherry lambic to celebrate 2002. Mmmmmmmmmm, cherry lambic.

New Year's Day was something of a disappointment, what with the Ducks able to stop The Herd. And my goodness did the national anthem suck. I enjoyed watching the other bowl games, even though nobody knows how to tackle anymore. I got sick of only seeing ads for AT&T, Nokia, FedEx, and Tostitos, though. And is corporate sponsorship really so ingrained that people will say "Welcome to the 68th Nokia Sugar Bowl?" Cell phones weren't even a dream 68 years ago, bitz.

I spent several days back at work, finishing up a project and partaking of my monthly tasks. I enjoyed the time back, and am glad that K won't be giving me more projects this semester, allowing me to focus entirely on Cronos.

I spent a couple days working with others to rewrite the Colorado Beta Chapter Bylaws. If you're not in Tau Beta Pi, you really don't care, but it was exciting for me. Yeah, I'm a geek.

So... back to RA training! The energy of getting up too early in the morning, combined with lots of pent up sexual energy meant I was a continuously running source of cracks and strange banter. Word(s). I helped train new RAs as an actor in Behind Closed Doors. I was one of two residents in the vandalism scenario. Not the most fun or dramatic, but we came up with some fun ways to present it. After a couple packed days, most of our staff didn't want to put much effort into the karaoke party that all the staffs had, but I managed to instill enough energy for them to stand together and sing You Sexy Thing while I danced around in a white sport coat and pimp hat and got rejected. The crowd liked it. We had something of a spontaneous staff dinner, cooking spaghetti in the Quad kitchen and having a good time. Despite what Michelle and Vanessa think, I don't always talk about sex. I could be in several meal-time discussions with the other 11 RAs and not mention sex once, but somehow when one of them are present, the conversation tends to end up with sex, nudity, and bodily functions. And their squeamishness is hillarious.

Anyway, after the dinner, I convinced several RAs to come see Amélie (which I'd watched less than a week before). Oh. My. God. Does. She. Rule. Unlike many American movies, which are really comedic romances, this is a true romantic comedy, and it even breaks my (lack of) plot rule. Partly because many of the funny parts were random and nonchalant, but done in such a way that they were actually important to the plot. But the best part of the movie is Audrey Tautou. Oh my god is she awesome. The best facial expressions I've ever seen (especially the completely absurd stifled giggle during sex). The character rules. Such a cool geek. And Audrey's hot and my age! Perhaps she was a siamese twin. Seperated at birth, her sister was misplaced by a drunken nurse and taken home as the child of a quirky English family. After getting lost in Brambly Hedge, she was picked up by a family of bears making a trans arctic trek. After she developed healthy insulation on fresh fish, her ursine adoptors settled in Yellowstone. Disappointed with Wyoming's political leaning, she enrolled in a masters program at the University of Colorado and will share lots of insights on the bare mind in my cognitive science class tomorrow. Alternatively, Ms. Tautou is an only child and I'll have to swoon in dark theatres.

But anyway, you need to see this movie. Especially if you're any sort of geek at all. Never before has such a wonderful movie been made about geek love. Other movies I saw over break include M (mmmm, Peter Lorre), Waking Life (mmmm, philosophy), Allegro non troppo (mmmm, humorous Fantasia), and Grateful Dawg (mmmm, acoustic music). I've now seen 8 of IMDB's top 10, 18 of the top 20, and 55 of the top 100.

So it's back to class. I only have 9 hours of class per week (yay!), but three of them come at 9 am (boo) in Hale, the complete other end of campus (booer). I wouldn't even take such a class if it wasn't the one class I've been hoping for since before I arrived -- Eastern Philosophy. I'm also taking graduate level algorithms from Hal Gabow who teaches in a very different, yet no less annoying way, than my previous algorithms professor, from whom I learned very little. Hopefully between two bad algorithms teachers I can get one good class worth. I'm also taking Cognitive Science, which should be fun, if a lot of reading. And, of course, senior projects. I need to crack the whip and get our group programming ASAP. CRONOS SHALL LIVE!

Off for the second round of the new semester. Hopefully 8am-12:30am is a passable day, given that I can wake at any time before 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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