January 21st, 2002

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I learned in class the other day that the brain sucks about 20% of the body's energy generation. Perhaps this is why I've stayed between 140 and 145 pounds for the last five years, despite long periods of slothful activity and all-you-can-eat meals. It's also why insipid people are constantly trying to lose weight.
black titan

Good ol' American Generosity

From the AP --
While U.S. officials said the $290 million figure may not seem generous given Afghanistan's need, they pointed out that the United States has spent $4.5 billion on the war effort in the country since early October.

That just might cover part of the damage they caused. If I ever spend $10,000 to smash someone's $50,000 car, I'll remember to only pitch in $2,000 to fix it.
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