May 2nd, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Summer is "here"

Last year, for some reason, we decided to hold a public Beltaine ritual on May 2nd. May 1st, 2001 was completely gorgeous and wonderful, but May 2nd was full of sleet and snow. So we had two ready maypoles and the smarts to celebrate Beltaine on May 1st this year. So what does She decide to do? Make April 30th completely wonderful and warm and then overcast May 1st. The ceremony was planned for 4pm, and Heather and I brought all the materials to the Fine Arts Lawn and hung out, waiting to see if anyone would arrive in the rapidly-cooling temperature. A few minutes after four, we'd been joined by a Welsh Society-leading Morris-dancing student, who we expected, and a guy who appeared to have just happened by with a sitar he'd made himself. So we shivered for a while and listened to sitar and decided that eight was the minimum number of people that could pull off a may pole dance. Within 10 minutes we had about 20 people, including a girl who was about 6, my brother and three of his friends, my mom, and several students I'd never seen before. The planned parts went really well, spontaneity arose nicely (my mom brought a hobby horse and was neighing and narrating with it), and I'd convinced the clouds to hold off their rain until after we finished. (Literally two minutes after everything got loaded into cars, the rain started.) We also had several folks hanging around the perimeter watching curiously, which I think is great. If you're not ready to dance a may pole, you can at least watch a bunch of oddly-dressed folks make a human blossom or perform mimetic seasonal change and perform the Lesser Great Rite. Quite successful, and folks I talked to after dug it. You can check out the skeleton of the ritual. If inspired, I may further embellish it with better descriptions of the activities and my reasoning behind structuring them. Comments and questions are, of course, welcome.

I then got whisked (with a big detour) to Lafayette to my Hall Director's house for the Quad end-of-the-year Bar-B-Que (held indoors on account of the weather). As I walked in the door, Kevin was about to describe my award. I got the Many Hats Award, for my ability to literally and figuratively wear lots of hats.

And then back to Boulder for a private Beltaine ritual, where we [CENSORED]

Possibly because I haven't been very aroused for the last month or so, I've been through two Beltaine ceremonies and the creation of a Beltaine mead batch without feeling particularly sexy or sex driven, but I've been moving my body well for the last few days, which feels neat. And who wants to be horny with 200 pages to read and 8,000 words to write.

So. Having had some fun, I now must work continuously on my book review for the next four days. Go graduate school. Go procrastination.
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