June 1st, 2002

Trevor baby stare

It's Official - I Have A Perverse Sense of Humor

Responding to an email several months ago, Soren Ragsdale, the man behind the curtpain that is The Red Meat Constructor Set, accepted my audition. Of course, as I was putting up some of my favorite old strips, the server broke. But check there later for my own special flavor of queer.

In other news, I, my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend were at our cabin for Memorial Day weekend. Three of us elected to bring gingerbread mix, and three dozen eggs were brought through assumptions about previous actions. Needless to say, it was a pretty sweet trip. I held a full moon ritual in a sweet place I found - open, surrounded by trees, right near the stream. I ran it as a nonverbal ritual -- we had folks select directions and spirits to call and described the plan before shutting up for an hour or so. Gestures, vocal noises, and rudimentary song (mimesis, in Merlin Donald's terms) were permitted, but no words. I had folks go out into the forest and find some sort of energy to bring back to the group, sharing it frst in pairs. After most of us did that, one guy was making lots of noise off in the distance. Another guy went to find him and they had some guy fun, including building a horse out of sticks before leading the rest of us off to see a rock that looked like a horse's head. We then collected our energies and linked hands as we sang and danced back for a mimetic enjoyment of gingerbread, lambic, and Henry Weinhart's.

We all had lots of fun, and you can too. Invite some friends somewhere or to do something, come up with a general plan of action, and then all agree not to use any words for the duration of the activities. Maybe a wordfree snowball fight, or a nonvocal party (especially if you invite folks who don't all know each other!). Merlin Donald proposes that human communication evolved from literal to mimetic to linguistic to external. We retained all of the previous abilities. It's interesting to see how challenging it was for our ancestors to communicate and think -- what's possible? Go, my son, and find out!
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