June 29th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Prudent Traveller

Sorry the formatting on this keeps getting messed up for some reason.

Trevor is for anybody who feels they're not part of the majority or a group that is powerful.
Trevor is a British National and was thus not eligible for that degree.
Trevor is the epitome of the archetypal mad scientist.
Trevor is interactive. Each panel has another behind it.
***Trevor is now online!***
Trevor is joined by at least one of his lovely assistants.
Trevor is well known for his work in the community.
Trevor is an outstanding author and speaker.
Trevor is a metaphor for children.
Trevor is a child with impressive, though isolated skills. (Trevor is a film project)
Trevor is the only pitcher in Major League history with five seasons of 40-or-more saves.
Trevor is not a mechanic.
Trevor is still there for you.
Trevor is Like A Brother (College Co-ed).
Trevor is a graduate of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo.
Trevor is a 45 year old accountant, writer, quiz compiler, and fitness guru.
Trevor is a great musician, YES is my favorite band.
Who thinks Trevor is Cupid and why?
Trevor is on an extended vacation.Trevor is a fantastic character who I have known since 1987 when he saved my life after plucking me out of the Irish Sea.
Trevor (Ferguson) is past-Chairman of the Writer's Union of Canada.
Trevor is good with all other dogs, would like to chase cats, but is too afraid of the outcome (thanks to a dog savvy cat) and welcomes guests.

Trevor isn't the issue.
Trevor, isn't he adorable!
Trevor isn't exactly on the top of Rose's popularity list.
Trevor isn't too Sweaty.
Trevor isn't here to complain that he wants it.
Trevor isn't happy with Dorothy having a penis and no boobs, so he decides to take care of business.
Trevor isn't in the top 100 yet.
Trevor isn't one to waste time, however.
Trevor isn't drunk, boa-ed, or fun.
Trevor isn't capable, but Flash isn't his area of experties.
Trevor isn't alone in his quest.
Trevor isn't looking for any sort of romantic entanglement.
Trevor isn't 21 until next month
It's about Trevor, isn't it?

Trevor was always an avid swimmer and by the age of 15 Trevor was swimming competitively for Britain.
Trevor was traded to the Generals.
Trevor was named Newscaster of the Year for the third time.
Trevor was born with a fatal metabolic disorder.
Trevor was determined to find her and pinched Lynne's handbag from the bar in the Vic.
trevor was just a lie
Trevor was very helpful and professional.
Trevor was conceived as part of an educational package for school and instittional use.
Trevor was named the Canucks' captain and participated in his second All-Star Game.
Trevor was awarded the Edgar Award for the Quiller Memorandum.

Trevor wasn't dead though and he reared his ugly head again.
Trevor wasn't so sure.
Trevor wasn't disturbing us (we assured him he was just fine).
Trevor wasn't onboard more than five minutes before he was down in the engine room fussing with the pesky generator.
Trevor wasn't big headed, he had the charisma and style that made a mark over far too short a time he was with the club.
Trevor wasn't feeling well; the weather here in New England is getting to be more than his LA-acclimated body wants to deal with.
Trevor wasn't too sure about the "easy" part, but decided to go along with it.
"Trevor" wasn't helped by the fact that it seemed Scully and Mulder were hardly in the episode.
Trevor wasn't even supposed to be involved in this contest.
Trevor wasn't yours to start out with.
Trevor wasn't originally accepted but now that he's come up with a whole bunch of new problems he's officially in the program.

Trevor will run boundary race.
Trevor will spark even more creativity from our School of the Arts.
Trevor will need to develop a general understanding of the mail order business.
Trevor will be joined on different parts of the voyage by a variety of crew members, all of them wheelchair users.

Trevor will not stand for this. Personal grooming.
Trevor will not be able to take bug fixes and work with them for some time.
Trevor will not become deskbound.
Trevor will be a model for the muscle fan page.
Persons with names like Sierra, Sequoia, Ashley or Trevor will not be permitted to sing the blues no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.

Trevor likes a very tidy home, keeping his hay in a neat pile and litter in the box.
Although Trevor likes to play with other dogs of all sizes, he is rather feisty and sometimes gets bossy with other dogs.
Trevor likes wrestling with daddy and Bradley, playing with his workshop, legos, and balls, and is a big Veggie Tales fan.
Trevor likes to make his own decks rather than playing/copying the known decks.
Trevor likes to do team or group stuff, so he doesn't have that much time to do much activites.
Trevor likes his women like he likes his cars, fast and with a good paint job.

Trevor hates the cartoon character the Silver Surfer.
Trevor hates the photo he took for the WB's publicity department.
Trevor hates when he comes to visit and always begs his mom to take him back after a night when he was drunk and beat her.
Trevor hates Gary and only agreed to do the track if he could shag Trisha in the back of Gary's Manta.
Trevor hates Old Misery and his house much more than the rest of the Wormsley Gang, because he had once known this beauty, this graceful life.
Trevor hates to stay home alone.
Trevor hates dogs and is not too fond of sleepovers either.
Trevor hates beets, sour cream and guacamole.

Trevor loves Diana Ross, the theater, and a boy named Pinky.
Trevor "Loves Kiss Me Trevor!!"
Trevor loves to binky and popcorn with gusto.
Trevor loves his bedroom, decorated in an adorable southwestern motif.
Trevor loves the good lifestyle, travelling and eating well, and was pretty hopeless with his money.
Trevor loves the camera.
Trevor loves Henry, but won't say so.
Although Sir Trevor loves the African way of playing football, his real favourites are defending champions France with their cosmopolitan stars.
Trevor loves the fact that people who got picked on in the 1970s for understanding computers now drive around in expensive cars with executives knocking down the doors to hire them, while their high school tormentors work the night shift cleaning up after others.

Trevor plays with as much hardware and software as he can get his hands on, to the point of being beaten with kitchen utensils by his wife.
Trevor only wears underwear when he is performing.

I {heart} Google. I will have to further explore its potential for dadaist creations.