July 20th, 2002

black titan

o/~ Fire... fire on the mountain o|~

So there's a grass fire burning about 20 blocks from where I'm sitting. When I first saw it around 11pm, it looked almost like a display; two curvy lines running down the hillside with a bunch of glowing embers between. Then as I was watching, the wind picked up (to perhaps 10mph) and the fire kicked it into medium gear, sweeping over ridges, incinerating trees, heading to the south. Lots of cool red and orange against the black background (well, aside from all the flash photography). For those of you who know Boulder, it's currently burning in two spots, both still on the hill -- one a few hundred yards south of Lee Hill Dr., the other just to the west (fifty yards uphill?) from the westernmost houses in Wonderland Hills. There are signs of a fire line just fifty feet from houses five blocks up from the Billingsleys' house. Looks like it's under control and no houses got hit (I only saw one thing in the charred area that looked like a house, and it looked to have been saved). I think more people turned out to watch the hill on fire than came to watch Boulder's Fourth of July laser show (in lieu of fireworks).

So I smell all smoky (which I dig), it's 3:30 AM, so I think I won't get up at 7 to go to the Ren Fest, and my brother swiped my hammock for the night (blar). On the plus side, I ran into a good friend from middle school that I haven't seen in... 6 years at least. In the 10 minutes since I've talked to him, he doesn't seem to have changed much, though I think he's a little more mature. Which is okay, 'cause he was neat back then; why change?

If you look around the web, you can probably find some cool pictures. More later.
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