August 28th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Gettin' Back Into The Groove

So it turns out I'm not rooming with an athlete... James got moved on his own, but not before his dad called me 25727 times. Really, if I see him, I'll tell him to call you right away. Currently I'm not rooming with anyone, which is a blessing in that I can stay up late and lounge about naked without stepping on anyone's toes, but I'm still kinda waiting to see what my roommate, if I end up with one, brings -- do I need to get an answering machine? Can I take up both halves of the bookshelf? I also need to call maintainance and fix my curtain rod and toilet, which flushes just fine, but only if you reach your hand in the tank and pull on the plastic rod that broke off the flush handle. At least this way I only have to wash one hand... :-)

I found out Sunday night that I'm teaching a Monday evening Data Structures recitation. The department is under financial constraints, so instead of the $12 an hour I was going to get I'm getting 1 misc. CS credit... like I need another credit. But I'm also getting teaching experience, which should be fun. Or tedious, depending. I'm also taking the graduate version of Programming Languages, which is all about types and object-oriented languages. The teacher, Diwan, is making an effort to learn everyone's name and his lectures clip along enjoyably. Just after that I have Machine Learning with a from-industry guy with a large build and timidity issues. He definitely needs to learn how to engage his audience. I also have a class on Speech Recognition and Synthesis, which should be fun. The teacher's on top of things, the class has computer scientists, electrical engineers, linguists, and pysicists, so we'll get the fun interdiscipline feel but also get pretty in depth with stuff. I'm still not quite sure what all we'll be doing, but it should be neat nonetheless. Today the teacher gave a presentation on the histories of speech synthesis, with sound samples of some pretty funky machines, and speech recognition. I may have cause to bug some of my cunning linguist friends this semester.

Also, I want to attend an event like this.
I'm also totally digging Cat and Girl, an intellectually stimulating weekly webcomic. I especially liked this recent strip.
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