September 5th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Weekend Update

So it's been a little while since I yammered at all a ya. I'm getting back into the school groove -- that is, more things to do than I have time to do them. Only two more semesters to go, baby!

On Saturday I got up early and bussed down to Denver to watch the Buffs play the CSU Rams. In baseball, good pitching beats good hitting and vice versa. In football, bad tackling looses to everything. The game was fun to watch, though, and nobody rioted. I did forget sunscreen, though. My arms and legs appear to be well enough tanned, but my face was rather pink by Sunday morning. After that I walked along the South Platte to downtown Denver, then didn't spend enough time reading a map so went too far out of my way to catch a bus up to north Denver for the Metaphysical Fair. I was expecting a convention center full of people with a spacy look you can spot at 50 meters, but was pleasantly surprised. Lots of neat artwork, more quartz than you could ever need, and lots of scientifically-unhelpful practices going on. Oh, and some really whimpy singers and musicians. But it was a neat experience and I got a bumper sticker that says "Honk if you think I'm Jesus." Now I just need a car for it. Bussed back up to Boulder and caught what the schedule said was the director's cut of Almost Famous. I didn't catch anything different, but it's still a fun movie to watch. Penny Lane is so hot.

I picked up a little rum, some bagels, and some soy milk ('cause I'm a tard and couldn't find the rice milk) on the way home. I learned that alcohol (or at least rum) curdles (or something like it) soy milk, though with the right mixture it's a decent combination. I expect it'll work better with rice milk. As the concoction hit I wrote a stream of consciousness piece that I'll post here once I clean up the spelling. (Typing with your eyes closed while drunk is a recipy for sloppiness.) I also wrote a start for a list of year's goals which I may also post.

Got up late on Sunday and didn't get much done, besides a little homework. Was unproductive after getting up late on Monday, too. Maybe sleeping 10 or 11 hours is a bad idea. In the afternoon my actual roommate showed up. I think this'll be a much better setup than a basketball player. He's a physics major with long hair and a beard who wears geek shirts, listens to punk, metal, and independent rock, and brought a bunch of cool movies. Our room's appliance setup is now:

  • 3 Macintosh computers running MacOS X
  • 1 printers
  • 1 boom box
  • 2 amps, 4 speakers
  • 1 casette deck
  • 1 record player
  • 2 VCRs
  • 1 DVD player
  • 1 TV (on the other side of the room)
  • 1 TV/VCR combo in storage
  • 3 lamps

Not to mention the fridge/stove/sink and bathroom. And soon we'll have a non-ghetto phone and an answering machine. On Monday night we went down to the Catacombs (no cover!) and listened to the way-hot Washboard Chaz, Dexter Payne, and Bar-B-Q Bob (who used to be the band Bleeker St.). Yay up-tempo blues!

My free time is quickly being swallowed between student groups and class. Pagan Student Alliance, Tau Beta Pi honor society, SCA, Green Party. Let's hold it there.

Oh. Corey McAbee was in town to introduce/answer questions about American Astronaut and do a show at the Boulder Theater. I think both free showings were "sold out." Which means 850 people in Boulder saw American Astronaut tonight. Beatings.

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