September 24th, 2002

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Birthday Suit ; Mabon

So I should have written the first part of this post a week ago, but I had a k-hella McBusy week.

Last Sunday my mom took me shopping for a suit and accessories. The motivating factor is the TBΠ National Convention, which requires business formal and casual. Ordinarily I'd come up with something funky, but I'm presenting a bid for our chapter to host the 2005 convention, so I need to look sharp. And besides, I'll need a suit for interviews and all that jazz. So we went to Men's Warehouse. Since this is a Boulder Men's Warehouse, the helpful clerk was experienced in dealing with weirdos like me who know fuck all about formal wear. After a few hours, I walked out with three dress shirts, three ties, a reversable belt, a pair of dress shoes, a short-sleeved sweater, two packs of socks, and a lint brush. On September 26th I get to pick up the jacket and pants after alterations. It is thus my birthday suit. Total price: $696.50, saving $293.58 due to sale items. I guarantee it.

After a nummy lunch at Shish-Kabob, my mom insisted we go to Foleys and pick up some more slacks, a sweater, and a polo. So another $70 or so. We then walked down a couple stores and got a pair of black non-dress shoes, suitable for business casually and generally not putting the screw on my feet. Also a pair of shiny white new sneakers, since my old ones are about to break down after a year and a half. $120 or something, total. Also picked up some white Ts, undies, and socks at Target. $20 or so. I didn't think I could spend over $900 on clothes in a year, but there I went in a couple hours. Of course, that makes it, like, $1100 for all of college, which is still a bit over $200 a year.

Let's now do some back-of-the-envelope calculations.
Say I paid $10 for my skater pants at Savers. (Less, I think.) I probably wear those pants for 350 hours a year. Say I get five years of use out of them. 1750 hours for $10. So I paid less than one cent per hour of use.
Most of my cool T-shirts cost around $15. I probably wear each 160 hours a year. Say they also get 5 years of use. 800 hours for $15. A little less than two cents an hour.
If I wear my Men's Warehouse outfit for 700 (which would take 70 days of use, which could easily take more than five years), it costs a dollar an hour.
Of course, not having a suit could cost me well over $700, but this is one of the many reasons I dislike formal wear. (You'd never have guessed, right?)

Having not done any homework on the weekend, I was left with a big homework for machine learning, due on Friday. Let's examine the end of the week.
Thursday morning: implement homework code in Matlab. Thursday afternoon: Develop outline for convention bid presentation. Thursday, 5pm: Present draft of convention bid presentation. Thursday, 7pm: Present paper on Weakness of Will. Thursday, 9pm: Study group for machine learning. Friday, 2am: Finish matlab code, computerize study group-derived answers. Friday, 6am: Finish ritual for Mabon. Friday, 7:30 am: Sleep. Friday, 11am: Tweak resume, print resume. Go to career fair. Talk to employers, hand out resumes, get a couple cool freebies. Friday, 1pm: Class for two hours. Friday, 3pm: Lead Mabon ritual. Friday, 5:30pm: Spend an hour talking about Paganism with a curious Christian. You could say I was busy.

This weekend I also participated in three Pagan-themed events. The first I and Steven lead, a Mabon ritual successfully advertised to the whole student body. We had 18 folks present, most of which I'd not met, and many of whom didn't even know what to expect. It went amazingly well. Despite being sleep deprived and hurried on my way to the room, as soon as I stepped inside I became fully lucid. Everyone did everything well. Folks were a little hesitant in playing with space nonverbally, but they warmed up to it. As we built a web by throwing yarn balls, we totally had that perfect "no one is speaking, we're so close" vibe. People had a lot of fun with the string and discovered a lot of ways to communicate without words. Probably 40 minutes passed and the only word was "Gezundheit." Teehee.

On Saturday we held the second annual TBΠ District 12 Fall Picnic In Which Only Colorado Beta Is Reprsented in Eben G. Fine park. Several hours later I went for a Full (though clouded) Moon hike in Settler's Park with the Boulder Pagans, a social group whose mailing list I've been on for about a year, though this was my first event.

I then proceeded to arise before 6am to go to the Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater to join my cirlce in celebrating Mabon (that's the fall equinox, for those of you who haven't caught on) to the rising of the sun. We did some word associations, quarter call haiku, and drummed. The sun was barely visible for a couple minutes, preferring to hide its beaming face behind clouds. We could see the Qwest building in downtown Denver just fine, though.

So to say I'm behind on sleep would be quite astute. But it's been a pfun week or so.

Also, last night I read an interesting article about filtering spam via a naive bayesian approach. It seems to work really well. (And to show that great minds think similarly, I found it by searching the web to see if anyone had tried filtering spam with neural nets.) It's well written, probably mostly understandable by lay Internet users, and well worth a read.
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