September 27th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Happy Birthday, Mr. Precedent

On September 26th, 1979 at 7:42 pm I arrived, cold, wet, ugly, hungry, much anticipated, 16 days late, and with surprisingly large feet. 23 years later I had just finished a hummous sandwitch with fries, salad, and noodles and was just sitting down to answer homework questions about Modula-3. How times change.

I more or less started the day with a face-to-face conversation which is part of a long saga, to be related here when I have more time and it's all resolved, which I consider my challenge for 2nd Degree. The short form is that the Pagan Student Alliance is trying to obtain membership in Religious Campus Organizations. Which one would think easy. One would like to think it easy, anyway.

After that I got a spiffy birthday present -- a job! I got a call regarding an RA position in Kitt West. Given all the other entr&eaccent;s on my plate in the next week and a half this is about the worst possible time for me to start such a job, but I'll do the best I can.

I also picked up my other birthday present -- my birthday suit -- the details of which I recently detailed.

I capped the evening off at the Boulder Theater for the tail end of the 5th Annual Boulder Gay and Lesbian Film Festival -- Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I wanted to love the movie, but it just wasn't compelling. The story was interesting, there were some great jokes, and several stellar bit performances by audience members, but the movie didn't really grip me. Perhaps I'm officially not gay. Or maybe I just don't like glam rock. Perhaps both. My Guinness was also underwhelming.

All in all, though, it was a pretty good day.
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