November 3rd, 2002

bug eyed earl

Results of My Mind's Idle Cycles

I'm suddenly curious what the attraction properties of ferromagnetic materials (iron, etc.) in their liquid and gas states. Like, if you have two streams of molten iron flowing down a slight incline, will they flow towards each other? And does iron gas clump together? And then repel other parts of the gas?
Is my journal read by any chem and/or physics geeks that can answer this?

Some other things I just found in my ideas.txt file:
Reverse narcissism is the same as normal narcissism.
"If you lived here, you'd be dead by now." -- Harper Stone, referring to a cemetary
Surreal Cereal: Part of Your Incomplete Naked Brunch
"Bras are annoying! ... Sorry, I just had to get that off your chest."

Some people count sleep to fall asleep. Last night while lying in bed, I determined that there is one U.S. state whose name is monosylabic, six that are bisylabic, and 25 that are trisylabic. It's evidence of some cognitive theory that I can list all the states in north-south or east-west rows with ease, but I must traverse that mental representation to get a syllable-ordered list. Even more interesting, I can construct part, but not all, of an alphabetic list without thinking about geographic location, but will undoubtedly miss at least five states that way.
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