November 14th, 2002

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I came up with an awesome setting in which to hold Romeo and Juliet -- Jerusalem. It could be done with text unaltered from Shakespeare and still be really powerful given people's background understanding of the Jewish and Palestinian conflict. Or it could be an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, but which more heavily encorporates elements and nuances of the conflict.

In other news, I turned in my Machine Learning homework yesterday morning at 4:30 am, a week and a half late. Since I took two extensions to Friday, my teacher only counted it as two days late (and hence just 36% off). I didn't include problem 4 either, so I pulled a 42/100 all things considered. For as much pain as I put my wet neural net through on that assignment, that's pretty annoying. Better kick some ass on the final assignment and the final project in that class. And of course, since I was working on this assignment well over time, I haven't made much progress on work for other classes lately. It would suck if I got a B in Machine Learning and, in so doing, got a B in my other classes because of all the ML work. We'll see.

On a personal level, I've been experiencing a flavor of romangst lately. I wish I had someone to curl up with. To wrap myself around. To hold hands with as we spin around, grinning like small children. Someone soft where I can lay my head. To make inside jokes with. And probably other things too.

I've goten massively better at talking to girls over the last couple years. In the completely uncharged sense of "speaking with." Even though I'm without a girlfriend, I now have female friends. In the next two months I'll get a chance to talk to at least three awesome girls I haven't seen for between 4 and 74 months that I've had crushes on at some point.

I'd probably still have a hard time informing someone I have a crush on her. But hey, I don't want to shed all of my geek identity, do I?

stepping out boldly, one put out his hand
he said, "i was just a child then
now i'm only a man."
-- Pink Floyd, your possible pasts
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