November 24th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

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It's quarter to five in the morning. 15-25 minutes ago, I woke up to an odd noise. After a little thinking, I realized it was a fire alarm. I managed to find my bathrobe, grabbed my keys, and headed outside, knocking on residents' doors as I went. I got outside and it had been snowing lightly for the past 2 hours or so, putting an end to about three weeks of Indian Summer.

Since I was wearing only a bathrobe, my feet were FUCKING FREEZING. Holy Zarquon! It was all I could do to squelch the pain long enough to make sure people stayed away from the building, which fortunately was not on fire. Not sure where or why it went off yet.

To top things off, here's my night up to that point:

Until midnight, I was trying to do homework with a nonfunctioning brain. No progress. Blah.
Midnight. Decide to go to bed. Instead read stuff on the web.
12:45. Go to bed. Figure I'll be out like a light. Brain keeps going through worthless stuff.
1:20. Disturbed by resident noises in the hall, see what's going on. The old RA and a resident had just been wrestling. Converse with residents while trying to keep volume down.
1:45. Go back to bed. Still can't fall asleep.
2:30. Finally fall asleep.
4:30. Goddess smegging Zarquon damnit!

So I'm understandably not in the happiest mental place.
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