November 26th, 2002

Trevor baby stare

Nutty Nibbles for your Neural Net

A Canadian was at our dinner table tonight. She explained that she usually doesn't say "eh" because Americans mock her when she does. But when she goes back home, people say she talks like an American.

Another person inquired "You talk like an American because of the lack of your eh-ness?"

It took her several proddings to realize the double entendre she'd just uttered.

In other gnus, I'm turning yet another assignment late for Machine Learning. For some reason I couldn't get any motivation going last week on Wed/Thurs, even though I knew I had a bucket of stuff due by Friday (and this one moved to Monday). Maybe it was Pie Night hangover. (It's a dairy thing.) I've been working fairly well since Sunday evening, but I haven't even started work on one of the problems, I've only now finished debugging the main part ofmy code for another, and my neural net still has a bug somewhere. I don't know how I'm supposed to take this class and do anything else.

Fortunately, the prof's letting me use my music classification program I'm writing for Speech Recognition count as my final project in Machine Learning, too. I haven't hardly started that program because I've been spending all my time on ML stuff. Fortunately, I'll be able to do both now. :-)
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