December 1st, 2002

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Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

The turducken concept is far too entertaining. For those who don't know, it's a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. (They all have to be deboned first, and it's got six legs sticking out.) Some variations I've thought of or heard in the last couple days:

  • Hawaiian style: a pineapple stuffed with a mango stuffed with a kiwi.
  • The Osterduckenary: a turducken inside an ostritch, with a canary inside the chicken.
  • Lefse inside crepes inside a "dessert burrito" or mu-shi.
  • Bake a yam inside a squash inside a pumkin.
  • Haggis.
  • Baby inside a mother inside an ogre. Whee!

So yeah, I was home for Thanksgiving. For reasons I don't understand, I was cracking puns left and right, even though I've come up with only a handfull all semester. I think either my house or my family draws them out of me. Since this may be my last Thanksgiving at home, my parents made sure to explain all the turkey preparation they were going through. I also cut onions, celery, apricots, beans, brocoli... When all was said and done, we sat down to gluttonize at about 8:30. Pretty good, considering we started Christmas dinner last year at 10pm. And didn't open presents until shortly after midnight on Boxing Day. Our old favorites, like candied yams and pineapple, were there as well as our new favorite, pumpkin soup. Harper has an abscessed tooth, so couldn't open his mouth very far or eat much. His mouth picked the wrong holiday. As I have for the past... 15+ years I ate a turkey drumstick. We bucked my late grandmother's molded jello salad tradition. Apparently I'm the only person in the family who eats that, and I didn't think it was feasable in my fridge in my room. So I'll have to make it on Christmas, since I'll be around to consume it all.

I expressed thanks for having a couple Boulder hippies as parents. It's one thing for a college kid to get along well with his parents and even think they're cool. It's another to have all your friends think your parents are cool and say things like "Can I stay at your house for a while? I'd love to hang with your parents." Though I didn't think to say it at the time, I'm thankful that they've kicked in for the majority of my college expenses so that I could focus my cranial powers on academics and not being industrious as well. Our Thanksgiving conversation was a usual Stone family mix of humor and radicalism.

Since Thursday was my day of gluttony, Friday was my day of sloth. I was feeling a little sick, so essentially moved from the floor of "my" room (the hammock I was in was less than optimal) to the chair upstairs to watch college football. The Buffs managed to win handily without their best player and, for a half, without their second best player. I don't think they've ever beat Nebraska with that big of a handicap, breaking all sorts of Nebraska streaks in the process. And when was the last time that CU beat Nebraska AND OSU beat Oklahoma, both back to back? We also watched Horse Feathers after dinner on Thanksgiving. Modern movie comedies need to be much more random. Or at least include more dialog to showcase some good puns.

So who knows where I'll be next Thanksgiving? Or what new traditions I might start?

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