April 23rd, 2014

black titan

Post-Resurrection Games

Hello friends! After a several-month hiatus, it's time to resume my quasi-monthly game day.

When: Saturday, April 26, from 2pm (or so) until late (or so)
Where: 1006 Wagonwheel Gap Rd, Boulder - http://trevorstone.org/wagonwheel.html
Contact: 303-EEL-WANG

A few things have changed, mostly having to do with parking. Much of Wagonwheel Gap Road got wiped out in Boulder's flood last September[1]. The semi-permanent dirt road is in really good shape right now, but the shoulder at the base of my driveway is no longer a suitable place to park a car[2]. Please (a) carpool if possible and (b) call before you come so I can suggest a parking location based on the situation on the ground. The two likely parking spots are the southwest corner of Wagonwheel and Pinto (the part without a No Parking sign) and the west side of Bow Mountain. We can also fit some cars in my driveway, but coordinate with me on that since it might be full.

Other traditional trappings of game day remain the same: you're welcome to bring food, friends, drinks, children, games, stories, and more. I'll have some snacks, beer, and juice on hand. Arrive when you're ready and leave when you're done. Consider turning your cell phone off when you get here, since you might not get reception.

See you soon,
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