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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Fat Days 
21st-Feb-2007 09:49 am
Vigelandsparken heels over head
I think each day of the week should be Fat at a different time of the year.

Fat Tuesday is a time of partying before the 40-day Lent celebration leading to Easter.

Fat Wednesday is 40 days before Labor Day. It's designated as the time to have a meeting and figure out who can drive to Burning Man and what it's going to take to build a dome for your theme camp.

Fat Thursday is Thanksgiving.

Other suggestions?
I had a phatabulous Tuesday night with mollybzz at the Fox Theater watching The Folderol Follies and Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra, a burlesque acrobatic show with old-time music. I started dancing to the ambient pre-show music and by the time the opening band was in full swing there were about 20 people on the floor performing various spontaneous and slightly ironic dance moves. The crowd dancing mostly stopped for the main act to feast our eyes on Victorian stripteases, aerial dance in lace and powder, and a glass-walking midget. There may be a non-fuzzy picture or two out of the hundred I snapped.

After the show, Loki invited me to next month's meeting of the HUMBUGS facial hair society. Definitely the best $8 concert I've ever attended.
22nd-Feb-2007 06:31 am (UTC)
Fat Monday could be the day after Easter Sunday, after you gorged yourself on that Easter basket
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