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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
16th-Aug-2007 05:36 pm
dogcow moof!
Yesterday was apparently the day for departures. mollybzz moved to China (and I received several tasty items from her refrigerator and larder). It was the last day of work for my coworker who claimed he didn't know the name of the company he was switching to (and apparently their product is too complicated to explain). And I took a few hours out of the middle of the day to attend my great uncle's memorial service at Fort Logan military cemetery.

I'm very excited for mollybzz and I look forward to hearing her fantastic stories of life in the Middle Kingdom. I'm somewhat glad that my coworker departed; while he was a hard worker and often entertaining, I've wanted to strangle him over several bits of code. And I'm glad that my great uncle was able to live and geek out (genre: model trains and planes) for close to 90 years without the decade-long slide into oblivion that my grandmother experienced.

I learned today via Slashdot that another dear friend has departed. ClarisWorks (renamed AppleWorks late in life) made creating documents easy and relatively frustration-free. Unlike the bloated MicrosoftWorks that didn't, ClarisWorks was small (throughout college I would download 2.5 MB worth of AppleWorks to print my homework), seamlessly integrated (put text in a picture! put a picture in a spreadsheet! put a spreadsheet with a picture in text!), and free of hassles (when prompted for a license code, you could enter anything and it would accept it). One of ClarisWorks's creators has an insightful history of the product. It's got some interesting insights into the software development and business cycle.

I played around a little with the demo version of iWork last year, but iDid't see an easy way to do the thing iUse AppleWorks for most frequently these days: laying out a bunch of small bits of text and pictures on a piece of paper. Maybe iShould take a look at iWork '08. Maybe I should look around for other WYSIWYG document software. I should definitely make sure I open all my high school and college essays and ensure they're stored in a format that will live on.

It's important to let good things come to an end. I'll miss them all, but I won't be sad. For such is the Way.
23rd-Aug-2007 06:17 pm (UTC) - appleworks lives!
Sad to see Apple laying aside yet another great application. I just installed AppleWorks 6.2.? on my new-to-me Mac and felt all geeky and stuff for a moment. Then, I installed NeoOffice, so hopefully all my friends who are PC users can open and read what I write. (It felt like a form of sacrilege.) Sigh. Blessings! -- Alison
23rd-Aug-2007 06:43 pm (UTC) - Re: appleworks lives!
Someone on Slashdot said that Pages does what I mostly used AppleWorks for, so I may need to run through the demo again.

AppleWorks can export .doc and other formats, so you don't have to use NeoOffice for compatibility unless all your friends are using OpenOffice too.
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