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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Where have all the hours gone? 
31st-Jan-2002 12:44 am
black titan
In the last couple Cronos meetings, we've come up with an attack plan based on the published schedule for the class. Alpha testing starts on 3/4. A month and a week. Approximately done with the core representation software (keeping tabs on players, stacks, monsters, etc.), in the next two weeks we're going to have game flow and network working. As the chief visionary for the project, I get to figure out how to implement my hairbrained scheme for network message handling. That is, I get to learn how to implement events in perl (both with Event.pm and Tk, sicne they aren't interoperable), write a network traffic event handler manager, and several message handlers, as well as explain the confusing parts of everyone else's code. Should be a sinch, right?

The problem is, I am Jack's lack of sleep. For the last three days or so, I've taken longer than an hour of laying around in bed, tired but not sleeping. With a 9am class three days a week, that sucks a wet, hairy, thick, juicy potato. 7 hours is not enough. And then only getting seven hours the next night because I'm used to waking up early. Also pppphhhhhhbbbbbbttttttt. I'm at the stage where I'm failing to form good sentences quickly, and was unable to think clearly and in rational order while trying to whip out a solution to this week's algorithms homework in the two hours before class.

Solution: get some sleep. Problem: Friday morning, I meet at 5am to go up the hill for a pre-dawn Imbolc ceremony. Then at 3pm I get on a bus to go up the even bigger hill for the winter philosophy retreat. Where I'll be staying up late talking and getting up at 9 for more talking. Two days in a row. Better fit some naptime in somewhere.

And of course the side projects are piling up. RA recommendation letters for my floor and the one below, since their RA left at the end of the semester. Programming projects for TBP and RAhood. Other projects for TBP and RAhood.

And then the real challenge: watching the Olympics and effectively programming TITAN concurrently. Seven semesters in the residence halls. Seven roommates. I've never had a TV in my room. Until Tuesday. I bought a 19" TV so that I could do this, having calculated that I'd be more productive if the Olympics were showing in my room than if I spent far too much time in the lounge. The best part of this plan: NBC is showing all of the speed skating events. And they're all on in the middle of the day when I don't have class.

Mmmmmmmm. Women's Speed Skating.
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