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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
This is my body. Eat of it. It is layerd. It contains multitudes. 
27th-Aug-2007 03:11 pm
spam lite
A transcription error made me the recipient of the following email.
Welcome to Georgia Tech incoming freshman! Welcome back other Techies! You're getting this message because you stopped by the Lasagna Club table during this year's FASET. My name's Wes and I'm president of Lasagna Club/FCS.

I'll try to make this e-mail short and sweet. Here are a few updates:

1. Lasagna club is here to help you meet people and get everyone out of their dorm rooms. We bring Stouffer's lasagna, garlic bread, salad, pie, and sweet tea (at $2.50 a plate) to you. If you want to host a meal, reply to me. We have to have a student contact for the dorm we're cooking in.

2. FRISBEE GOLF and FOOD - TOMORROW NIGHT (SATURDAY) 6:30PM - Lasagna Club/FCS people will be meeting in the Burger Bowl tomorrow to play frisbee golf. We built 3 golf-baskets to regulation. Feel free to come hang out, whether you know how to play or not (you can always learn!). We'll have some hamburgers/hotdogs out there too!

3. Some of you know FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) is a Christian organization. If anyone needs help getting plugged into a ministry on campus or needs help finding a church, we're here to help you. Just get in touch with me.

I recognize several trends, despite studying over 2,000 miles away:

  • An effective way to lure membership to a student group is to offer food
  • Christian student groups love frisbee
  • A name with Lasagne is a better way to attract casual attention at student group meet-and-greet events than a name with "Christian," hence its position before the acronym and the use of "Some of you" rather than "All of you."

Things which are unfamiliar, since I went to school in Boulder instead of Georgia:

  • The tea is full of sugar
  • No mention of vegetarian or vegan options
  • Even the frisbee field is named after fattening meat
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