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Trevor Stone's Journal
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The "End" of Summer 
14th-Aug-2001 09:08 pm
Trevor baby stare
This was written on August 8th (happy birthday, Harper!), but the site was down, so I couldn't post it. I'm now safely back in Boulder and in the middle of intense RA training, so y'all probably won't see a notable update for me for at least a week. A quote from Anne at training, however: "Trevor, you're not a person, you're an experience."

Some recent entertainment notes:

  • I saw Tool with King Crimson at Red Rocks on Friday. Due to this and that, I had a "reserved seat" so I didn't stand in line starting at noon like some other people did. And while my assigned seat was on the aisle, when I asked an usher if I was in the right spot, he said he figured that everyone in that section was going to sit wherever they felt like it, so I managed to snag a seat near the scientifically best place to sit (half way between the speakers and twice as far from them as they are apart). There were a few arguments about assigned seats from people who showed up late, but other than that, the crowd was pretty mellow. Possibly from all the pot, which was more present than I'd expected. I'm having trouble imagining Reggae on the Rocks.

    Now, it was obvious that almost everyone there was there to see Tool, especially since Crimson played The Fox the night before for almost the same ticket price, but without the hassle. However, most of the fans were ready to see what Crimson had to offer, and there were a couple of guys who were grooving like nothing else. The crowd also discovered after about a song and a half that they could see as well when everyone was sitting down as when everyone was standing up. My limited King Crimson experience had been with the albums Court of the Crimson King and Lark's Tongue in Aspic, both of which are fairly mellow. Their one hour set on Friday, however, was a lot louder and more distorted. I didn't like the first two or so songs, but then they got into a couple songs which were pretty spacey, and got me into a groove. I was impressed with their virtuosity, the bassist was playing a 10-string bass with two hands on the neck. Robert Fripp had a cool black-light guitar.

    In many ways, Tool's set was very similar, in some ways very different. It had less of a jam feel (some of Crimson's songs haven't been recorded yet), the whole crowd was standing for the whole set, everybody knew the songs, and each song was accompanied by a video on a large screen hanging above the stage and reverse-projected on a smaller screen behind Maynard. However, Tool did get into something of a jam feel with an extended version of Reflection and with a spacy Parabol/Parabola.

    Summary: lots of fun for my first Red Rocks experience. Despite my sun/noise headache.
  • I finally saw Austin Powers at the Outdoor Cinema. It had some pretty funny stuff, but it doesn't seem worth its cult status, although it's constructed as a cult. Maybe I haven't seen enough (okay, any) Bond films. I will agree that it is good for quoting.
  • With the impending release of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, I finally got around to watching Dogma. Conceptually, it was a great commentary on contemporary Catholicism. The plot qua plot was funny, and there were lots of funny lines, but most of the movie was funny in that "Oh, that's funny, he he" kind of way rather than the "Hahahahahahaha" kind of way. Not that that made the movie any worse, though. It did lead me to the observation that plot, character growth, and special effects are antithical to uproarious comedy. For evidence, I cite Clerks and most Marx Brothers movies for my theory and almost any recent comedy movie as evidence against it. The theory appies to martial arts movies too.
15th-Aug-2001 11:31 am (UTC) - Ah, yes....
Ok, I knew SOMETHING seemed spiffy about 8-8, now I know what it was. Happy Birthday to Harper from me as well. :P Glad to hear you enjoyed the concert- Concerts can be really exquisite experiences. I'm saving up for a superduper one right now...Guess who?? ;)
And yes, you are an experience, Trev. But you're also one hell of a person on top of it. So THERE. (Nobody one-ups Emi. EVER. *grin*)
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