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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
17th-Feb-2002 12:43 am
tell tale heart
Right. Valentine's Day.

Lately, I think I've come into the adult stage of evolution-wired emotion (which corresponds nicely to the opinion that I emotionally entered high school a few years ago). I haven't been sexually aroused for a while, but I have been having feelings like "It'd be cool to be married and have a kid. I'd be a cool parent, and it'd be an interesting study in cognitive development." I've been wanting a girlfriend to curl up with, be warm and close. Squeeze into tight spaces with. Run around with in the rain. Go speed skating and curling together.

So anyway. One of the many things RAs must do is put up informative bulletin boards every month. In January I put up a board of sexual health information (with a biohazard sign in the title) and, because it was kind of depressing, a list of sex quotes. I figured that for february I'd put up how to say "I Love You." (I was also going to put up a similar list of quotes about love, but they seem to be oddly absent, based on a few Google searches. Lots of good quotes (mostly negative) about marriage. Lots of quotes about sex. Lots of full-length poems about love. But not many pithy witty touching suitable-for-a-sig quote about love. I do like the book about 400 ways to say "I Love You" without having sex, even if it does have Christian motivations.

Oh. And my new picture is thanks to ACME Labs.
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