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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Scott Kirby Art Exhibit 
4th-Jan-2008 11:38 pm
charbonneau ghost car
Family friend, painter, ragtime pianist and composer, and all-around great guy Scott Kirby has, for the last few years, lived in France and painted the American Great Plains. His art will be shown in Boulder next week. The images on his website are small and gorgeous. The paintings displayed will be large and gorgeous :-) His artist's statement is worth reading too. On his recommendation, I went out of my way to visit Charbonneau, a ghost town in western North Dakota. It was well worth the trip.

A Rare Chance to View The Visionary Art of Scott Kirby

"Visions of the Great Plains," an exhibit of spectacular drawings and watercolor paintings by Scott Kirby, will come to Boulder on Wednesday, January 9, from 6 to 9 pm, at the Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Ave.

Kirby, who is also an internationally renowned pianist and composer, has devoted the past several years to a visual exploration of the vastness and emotional intensity of space that he has experienced on journeys through the plains and prairies of the American West.

The one-night exhibit is free and open to the public.

Examples of Kirby's visionary art can be viewed at www.ScottKirby.net.
5th-Jan-2008 07:52 pm (UTC)
Ooo, cool. I really love his stuff, I will see if the guy and I can make it the show! Thanks for the tip!
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