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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Divine Revelation 
30th-Aug-2001 12:14 pm
Trevor baby stare
Yeah, I've got a lot of personal updates to do, but those will have to wait until the weekend. However, this journal seems like a good place to write down spontaneous philosophical thoughts for posterity. Example:

Suppose The Bible is indeed the Word of God. What we know of God is revealed in The Bible. Thus, the reason we hold God to be omni{potent,scient,benevolent} is because He told us. Now, on what basis do we believe him? Because God does not lie. But we only know that because He told us that. "I am not a liar" is, in most cases, an entirely unhelpful statement. And Nixon is an honest man.

So what if there is a God, just not a very powerful God. But She has an inferiority complex, and puffs Herself up to be All That by telling believers so.
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