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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Somehow I Have A Social Life 
8th-Mar-2008 10:40 am
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I got home from China and discovered that I have a social life.
  • Monday Night: Tam picked me up from the airport, I had a burger and a beer at City Grille, I said "Hi" to the cats, and washed China off in the shower.
  • Tuesday: I got up around 11:30 (2:30 AM China time), unpacked parts of my luggage, gave Tam a few presents, sorted color-coded transcontinental deliveries from me and mollybzz.
  • Tuesday Night: Hung out with mythicsagecat and mythicsagefire. Read the rules for Chinese chess. Spent half an hour figuring out which pieces were which. (The set I bought for $1 in China not only used cheap wood, they also used cheap calligraphy.) Experimented with strategy, beating Thor handily.
  • Wednesday: Back to work. Spent most of the weekly development meeting talking about China because broadcast is more efficient than singlecast. Gave dingle-dangles to all my officemates. Read through a few hundred emails (mostly bug comments).
  • Wednesday Night: Playtested the next Gloom expansion with gloomforge. It's got a neat new mechanic; we discussed ways to make its aspects more balanced. I also pointed out that people with red-green colorblindness should be able to distinguish what the cards were going to do, so we talked about ways to convey information in addition to color.
  • Thursday Night: Realized I had little perishable food in the house. Bought chicken thighs, mango salsa, pita chips, and other tasty items at Costco. Made dinner, hung out with cats, failed to go to bed at a reasonable hour (again).
  • Friday Night: Had dinner and played poker with ΤΒΠ District 12 conference attendees. Poker tournament proceeds went to the Shawn Schwaller Scholarship Fund.
  • Saturday: Had some good discussions and saw some old friends at the ΤΒΠ conference.
  • Saturday Night: Presented and explained gifts from mollybzz to the Wilcoxen, Greg, and Ali. Played YINSH, , and another game, plus watching folks play Magic. I then visited Chez Stone to tell stories and present gifts including an erhu, a hulusi, and Naxi items.
  • Sunday: Presented and explained gifts from mollybzz to worldnamer and others (all presents can be delivered by adding a layer of indirection). Bought CDs at Bart's, bought a dairy-free cookbook and checked out high school art at Boulder Public Library.
  • Monday Night: Wondered what to do without planned activities. Ended up making chicken and wasting time online.
  • Tuesday Night: 26 people attended drumming at Full Moon Books. Wow!
  • Wednesday Night: Games at gloomforge's house. Played a round of the Chinese rummy game I brought. Played a little Falling. Played Chris's Pirates vs. Ninja card game. (Yarrrrr! I plundered all over their sneaky booty!)
  • Thursday Night: Realize I had important home tasks like dishes and cleaning cat puke off the carpet. Try to figure out which cat was producing bubbly pink vomit. Realize that Smoochie had probably eaten the pink fur off a cat toy. Attempt to vaccuum stains left after cleaning puke zones.
  • Friday: Restart my computer once, Eclipse about eight times, run one program to completion. Work outing to Coors brewery tour. Leave my profiling session of my slow-ass test case running so I can examine it on Monday.
  • Friday Night: See Gogol Bordello at the Fillmore. They play gypsy punk, so there was an interesting mix of people with mohawks, colorful skirts and headscarves, and geeky tattooes and T-shirts.
  • Saturday: Sort through email received during my trip and ensuing weeks. Talk to an international woman on International Women's Day. Learn that she has posted pictures from our trip. Clean moldy cat puke off my Illuminati box.

So this weekend is a well-deserved bout of loafing about.

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I also got a whole bunch of crap in Japanese for BEL*AIR MAX to an email address that was used for forged spamming a few months ago. I edited my email configuration to block all mail to NitaerodibleMoreland@ my domain.
9th-Mar-2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Physics, on demand! Why don't many people sell that? Oh yeah... gravity is always on. And it's a free service!

I'm currently writing fiction in which that is actually not the case for a significant fraction of the setting. But gravity is run as a utility; if you wanted to do it on-demand, you'd have to hire a telekinetic as a chartered consultant or something, and that would be, like, expensive. Or you'd have to set up a special contract with the station infrastructure people...

Welcome back, by the way!
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