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Trevor Stone's Journal
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E-Days Fireworks: Thursday 
1st-Apr-2008 05:56 pm
red succulent
Hey Denver/Boulder folks:

Colorado School of Mines E-Days fireworks are at 9 PM on Thursday. These are probably the best fireworks in the state all year, surpassing any 4th of July or sporting event display. Some of the best explosions are usually close to the ground on the Mines football field, but if you want to avoid the crowd of drunk engineering students you'll have a good vantage point from one of the parks at the west end of 10th St. Lookout Mountain probably has a pretty good view too, though I can't vouch for it.

Directions, but don't try to park on campus. (There should be plenty of parking around 12th/13th and Washington/Jackson).

My E-Days fireworks pictures from a few years ago. Pardon the fact that several need to be rotated or deleted.
2nd-Apr-2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
It's supposed to be cold and spitty tomorrow. Is there a number or website that would inform folks if it's canceled onaccounna weather? Or does that not happen?
2nd-Apr-2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
It got rescheduled last year due to snow. http://www.mines.edu/ might have an announcement, but given how much I had to dig to find the E-days schedule, I'm not sure. My rule of thumb is that I won't go if I don't want to stand around in the current weather for an hour or two. The people putting on the show are probably more gung-ho than I am, so if I'm willing to be out there, they probably are too.
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