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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Why is it so windy in Wyoming? 
4th-Mar-2002 11:18 pm
Trevor baby stare
Because Utah blows and Nebraska sucks.

Anyway, despite my rational self interest, I and several other Colorado Beta Tau Bates headed up to Laramie, WY in post-blizzard conditions for the weekend. We and Josh and Paul, the cool Prez and VP of Wyoming Alpha got a pitcher of local brew, played a few games of air hockey, and talked about bacon for half an hour. (Everything is better with bacon.) After the rest of District 12 arrived, we had an excellent dinner/party at the home of one of the WY A advisors' house. I discovered that my p00l skillz are seriously rusty. It took me about 10 shots to sink my first ball, several shots after my opponent had won. I was later able to redeem myself with a couple strong games, though.

Justin and I, thinking ahead, had said "Blizzard? Let's bring a sled!" Josh picked up 5 roll-up sleds for $5 and we were ready for some serious fun. We managed to convince a bunch of folks from Colorado State, South Dakota Mines & Tech, and the non-married girl from BYU to go sledding at midnight at 8000 feet in subzero temperatures. My beard almost instantly built up a layer of ice, but I was nice and warm, despite not even having a sweatshirt. The near-full moon lit up the run beautifully, and the powder and winter coats meant landing in the bush on the fallline wasn't too bad. By the end, those of us with real snow clothes were getting some serious speed.

Some of us decided that hot chocolate would be the best follow up, so we dropped folks off and headed to a local Denny's-equivalent. Gabe and I got to talking about bacon again, so after a half an hour and statements like "sex is better than bacon," "kissing someone is better if they have bacon wrapped around their lips," and "Dude! Bacon condom!" the other folks at the table tried to shift the conversation elsewhere. Bacon seemed to come back a lot, though. I managed to get about half way through my Side of Bacon and Side of Onion Rings before I couldn't stand the grease any more. (It wasn't the good crunchy bacon.) Yay for diners at 2am. Boo for 8am rising for 8:30 meetings.

I won't bore you with the details of the District 12 meeting. It was more fun than you might think, and we took a break half way through and watched the Cowboys beat the Utes by a point. I've now officially watched more basketball games during college at the University of Wyoming than I have at my own school. We also played some TBP trivia. I managed to correctly answer the final question, giving our team the win. In the individual round I managed to score a neat T-shirt with a U.S. medal list from the olympics this year. Not that I really needed more T-shirts, but this'll let me put off laundry for an extra day.

More air hockey, and even a game of bubble hockey that evening. Underslept, we made it back to Boulder around noon, and I proceeded to work on Cronos for 10 hours, then get started on my algorithms project, due Monday at 4. At 3:30 I jumped out of bed with the inspiration to fix my code's problem. At 9am (4.5 hours sleep) I took a test for which I'd studied 15 minutes, at 3am. I think I got a B. I'm tired as a concussed sloth right now. I should major in not sleeping. My spring semesters are k-strong at that.
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