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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Denver Needs Cameras 
23rd-Aug-2008 04:38 pm
transparent ribbon for government accoun
Democracy in Progress: Keep Out
(Democracy in Progress: Keep Out. The Pepsi Center, where important Democratic business shall take place, is fenced off with security personnel harassing people who take pictures from public sidewalks.)

I'm taking this week off work so I can photograph (and possibly participate in) demonstrations and other interesting activities around the Democratic National Convention in downtown Denver this week. My first update priority will be my Flickr page, but I'll try to make a daily LiveJournal post as well. Flickr will be a "best of" collection, but I'll upload everything in full resolution to my gallery as well and sort it out later.

Creative Commons License All photographs I take around the DNC will be free for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA). If you use the pictures, I'd appreciate a note about where and how.
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