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Trevor Stone's Journal
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George W. Bush Has The Three Cardinal Virtues of a Programmer 
9th-Sep-2008 05:30 pm
daemon tux hexley
My comment on tongodeon's insightful post about "elitist" charges:

Now that I think about it, George W. Bush embodies the three cardinal virtues of the programmer: Laziness, impatience, and hubris.

* He was a C student at Yale, made a big deal of how infrequently the Texas legislature met, and spent a lot of presidential time vacationing on his ranch even while Katrina loomed.
* He argued that Florida shouldn't recount every vote, lobbied for a second land war in Asia before finishing his first, invaded Iraq before weapons inspectors could finish their search, and declared the mission accomplished at least five years before the war's end.
* He governs as if he got a majority of the vote (the first time), routinely adds "I won't respect this part of this law" when signing bills, claimed to be in tune with God's will when invading another country (despite the position of the Pope and many other church heads), and cites executive privilege instead of letting his staff participate in congressional inquiries.

I don't think his regular expression skills are very good, though.

Also, Democracy Now's highlights from the DNC and RNC are each ten or so minutes well spent. Listen to the audio or watch the video; the transcript doesn't capture the whole feeling.
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