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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Frank Army Analysis of Al Qaeda 
1st-Oct-2008 09:56 pm
asia face of the earth relief
Major Reid Sawyer is a leading American authority on Al Qaeda. He is based at the United States Military Academy at West Point and wrote the textbook on counter terrorism methods. On the eve of a major new World Service series about Al Qaeda, Owen Bennett-Jones talks to Major Sawyer about who is winning the war on terror. And gets some surprising answers.
Take a break from absorbing news about the financial crisis and listen to the 26 minute interview or subscribe to the podcast.

This is the most frank analysis of Al Qaeda I've heard. Sawyer talks about how the U.S. is doing well and poorly, how Al Qaeda is doing well and poorly. He also talks about non-military approaches that are important. It's far more informative than the typical five minute propaganda interview one often sees with active military figures on American TV. Hooray for nondogmatic media; hooray for the BBC.
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