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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Holiday CarDs 
8th-Dec-2008 10:53 pm
pentacle disc
In honor of winter holiday season, here's my non-standard "Christmas card" offer. Leave a comment with your mailing address and I will send you a personalized mix CD. Indicate your favorite winter holiday(s) so I can properly address the delivery. Comments will be screened so you don't broadcast your address to the world.

If you'd like something specific, please indicate what. Example requests:

  • I really like $band, give me stuff that's kinda like them.
  • I don't usually like $genre or $othergenre. Send me some stuff that's good so I can decide if my horizons are broad enough.
  • Give me a CD with songs about $theme.
  • Give me songs by bands with numbers in their name.
  • Fast and bulbous! The weirder the better, man!

I have over 500 CDs (including some not listed) and over 77 days on iTunes, but my genre coverage is nonuniform. If I can't reasonably fulfill your request, I'll let you know.

If there's a flood of interest, I may not get to your disc in time for your favorite holiday. I promise all will be sent before Chinese New Year. If you'll be moving soon, let me know so I can put your request higher in the queue.

If you're of the holiday card sending persuasion, here's my contact information. My favorite winter holiday is winter solstice, but I enjoy the traditions of all of 'em. I'll gladly accept a CD of your favorite music, an interesting card (hand-drawn or otherwise), or just an email or comment saying some variation of "Happy holidays."

If you're of the holiday gift giving persuasion, don't buy anything for me unless you know I'll really, really enjoy it (i.e., it's quite specific to my interests). I'll be moving all of my stuff in a few months and I don't want to shake my fist in your absence for some object I'm forced to relocate. If you feel you must spend money with me in mind, donate to a non-profit organization you think I'd support (EFF, ACLU, Wikimedia, a shareware or open source program you like, wilderness conservation, true progressive politics...). In return, I promise not to burden you with useless objects (unless we're in a White Elephant together).

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